Service & Capabilities

McLanahan Corporation can do more for customers than just provide equipment. We help producers put together entire processing systems from start to finish and employ a Process Engineering Department for this purpose.

The Process Engineering Department is made up of engineers and applications experts that understand more than how to design equipment – they understand material processing needs from start to finish. This department provides an essential service to customers by being able to make sure that equipment fits into the entire process for each application to ensure material is meeting desired specifications.

McLanahan has tasked its Process Engineering Department with the following responsibilities:

New business proposal support

  • By collaborating with experienced salespeople, the process engineering team assists in evaluating and creating solutions for customer inquiries. They are able to assist in providing a highly competitive offer that provides excellent ROI to McLanahan customers.

Plant commissioning and complex technical service/trouble-shooting support

  • The process engineering team provides expert, friendly, top-level service and support to supplement the Customer Service Department’s efforts, as well as to create a beneficial experience for customer. McLanahan will be there from the early stages of plant development to after-sales service and support, providing a long-term approach to product support.

Evaluation and creation of new process solutions/product innovations

  • While directly responsible for all product innovations, the process engineering team evaluates the need for new product development. They create and adopt new, market responsive ideas and implement sustainable processes, making sure McLanahan is able to provide a complete solution for customers.

Training and leadership in process knowledge

  • As a leader in process design knowledge, McLanahan’s Process Engineering Department is able to provide training and presentations to companies and trade associations.

For more information on a complete process engineering solution for your application, please contact today.