Stall Fillers

McLanahan has designed the Stall Filler specifically to handle sand bedding. Efficient and frequent stall bedding helps to maintain deep-bedded sand stalls for ultimate cow comfort.

Stall Fillers are available in either a truck or trailer-mounted unit. They are designed to include controls mounted inside the cab, in close proximity to the operator. This allows the driver to be able to concentrate on driving the Stall Filler. The electronic over hydraulic design eliminates many hydraulic hoses and fittings, reducing complexity and maintenance.

The Stall Filler is designed to mining-duty standards. With McLanahan Stall Fillers there is no metal-to-metal contact in the presence of sand, which reduces abrasive wear.

Features / Benefits


Stall Filler Flyer - Imperial

Stall Filler Flyer - Metric