Stage Loader Crushers

McLanahan Stage Loader Crushers are designed specifically for longwall operators. By incorporating a high-speed hammer tooth roll to crush material against a heavy-duty crushing deck as it is conveyed through the unit, the Stage Loader Crusher is able to reduce ROM coal from the longwall face into a beltable product at high capacity.

Stage Loader Crushers offer significant features that provide important benefits to assist production. In addition to being capable of being adapted to fit with any longwall manufacturer’s stage loader pans and conveyor system, by adjusting the roll assembly vertically the operator has the capability of adjusting the product size between 4-10″ (10-25 cm).

Stage Loader Crushers are efficient and provide simple, unmanned operation. Start and stop are the only two operation functions that are required. The start and stop function is tied into the operation of the longwall face conveyor and discharge belt conveyor for safe and efficient operation. An under-speed sensor is applied to the roll shaft to detect an under-speed condition of the roll suggesting a possible jam and interruption of service.

Even though a Stage Loader Crusher does not require an operator, all moving parts are still guarded for enhanced safety. All McLanahan Stage Loader Crushers are MSHA approved for underground operation.

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