Spreader Loading Augers

Spreader Loading Augers are used to convey sand-laden manure into spreaders or tankers. They are also ideal for producers with daily or weekly manure hauling needs looking for an easier way to load manure into a tanker for spreading.

Using a Spreader Loading Auger gives dairy producers a way to move manure out of a concrete tank safely and efficiently rather than using a payloader or a skid steer to bucket manure into a spreader. They also increase dairy safety, because unlike pumps, they do not have to be pulled regularly and do not require entry into confined spaces.

Spreader Loading Augers operate at low speeds. Because they are meant to handle sand-laden manure, they last longer than other pieces of equipment used for the same application. They eliminate wear and tear on pumps and other equipment. Utilizing a Spreader Loading Auger will also reduce the time spent loading manure into a tanker or spreader.

Features / Benefits


Spreader Loading Auger Flyer - Imperial

Spreader Loading Auger Flyer - Metric