Falling Stream Sampling Systems

McLanahan custom engineers Falling Stream Sampling Systems for implementation in applications where material can be intercepted in a free-falling condition or at the discharge stream of a conveyor. This design is best suited for customers with high flow rate applications that require high equipment availability and reliability with relatively low maintenance requirements.

To collect material, a chute style sample cutter moves across material discharging from a conveyor or across the cross section opening in a vertical portion of chute work, diverting sample material away from the process flow and into the sampling system.

Safety is a primary factor in the design of Falling Stream Sampling Systems. Simplified so there is no need for a dedicated operator during normal operating conditions, they feature a fully enclosed sampler housing to prevent accidental contact with moving components. Screened inspection doors allow visual inspection of the machine operation, while preventing personnel from exposure to potential hazards.

The Falling Stream Sampling System design limits the number of mechanical components. A standard back-and-forth concept of operation also limits the number of moving components, allowing for long service life and minimal maintenance – limiting the exposure of operators and service personnel.

The process flow and sample flow are separated and fully enclosed as a means to isolate the sampling system environment from the active material flow, minimizing fugitive material and dust.

McLanahan’s Falling Stream Sampling System can be fully customized and integrated into existing operations or to new plant layouts and designs. It can be used in coal, concentrates, ores, metallurgical and petroleum coke, sand, stone, gravel, salt, bauxite, lignite, wood pellets and other wood products, potash, biomass, and other various bulk materials.

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