Auger Sampling Systems

McLanahan Auger Sampling Systems are used to establish the commercial value of a product in any material handling situation where material is being transported via truck. Producers, consumers or brokers of bulk material products who are interested in identifying or verifying the quality or composition of a material as it shipped, received, or utilized in a process can use a Auger Sampling System.Auger Sampling Systems extract samples from transportation vehicles in a wide variety of industries including coal, concentrates, ores, metallurgical and petroleum coke, sand, stone, gravel, salt, bauxite, lignite, wood pellets and other wood products, potash, biomass, and various other bulk materials.

With a commitment to safety in mind, the McLanahan system can operate autonomously or by an operator present to manipulate the system. The system is designed so that material processing and purging is automated, with reject material being returned directly to the transport vehicle. This heavy-duty design contains MSHA compliant guarding that meets the highest industry standard, while still allowing accessibility to all major components.

Each McLanahan Auger Sampling System is custom engineered to develop the best sampling solution for each customer’s application requirements. Standard auger assembly sizes available include 12″ (30.5cm), 20″ (51cm), and 24″ (61cm) diameter, but augers can be custom engineered per customer requests. Secondary and tertiary samplers are also available to remove portions of larger-sized primary increments for final sample collection and analysis.

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