Freedom™ Series Jaw Crushers

After purchasing Universal Engineering Corp. in 2012, McLanahan began a total redesign of the Jaw Crusher to deliver profound changes in capabilities and performance. The result was the McLanahan Freedom™ Series Jaw Crusher. Designed to be a higher performance primary crushing solution than has ever been available, the Freedom™ Jaw Crusher features an increased crushing capacity of 15 percent, while maintaining the same physical and power footprint as other jaw crushers. That means the Freedom™ 4450 Jaw can produce what another manufacturer’s 50″ x 60″ jaw would typically produce. This crusher is ideal for a greenfield site, as well as replacing an existing primary crusher since it’s designed to deliver the lowest cost per ton available in the market.

The Freedom™ Jaw Crusher is designed to help producers do even more by being safer, simpler and smarter than other similar style crushers.

  • It’s safer because this innovative design makes maintenance easier and there’s less of it, meaning personnel spend less time in the crusher. Safety lock pins and hydraulic assist for wear parts change-out make maintenance safer when it is needed.
  • McLanahan engineers have designed a simpler way to adjust the crusher’s close-side settings. Hydraulic rams are isolated from the crushing action, allowing it to be fully automated with fingertip control and simple, push-button adjustment, and virtually eliminating toggle migration, reducing expensive problems.
  • The attack angle and crushing stroke pattern are engineered smarter to increase capacity up to 15 percent while minimizing wear on the jaw dies.

Freedom™ Series Jaw Crushers are available in three sizes: 36″ x 42″, 44″ x 50″ and 52″ x 62″.

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