Stationary Feeder-Breakers

Stationary Feeder-Breakers are ideal for surface mines that need to de-lump feed material such as coal, lignite, salt, petroleum coke and gypsum for secondary crushing. They are also ideal for oil refineries to reduce coke at the Delayed Coker Unit.An MSHA approved design, Stationary Feeder-Breakers feature an automatic conveyor reversing system that attempts to clear blockages of stubborn material. In a blockage situation, the conveyor drive automatically reverses, starts forward again and continues this process until the blockage has past. This allows for continual operation and eliminates the need for manual clearing of blockages.

The Stationary Feeder-Breaker is typically interlocked with a downstream conveyor and controlled by a PLC, which is timed to shut down the conveyor and roll at designated intervals when material is not present. To ensure safety, all moving parts on Stationary Feeder-Breakers are guarded, and emergency stops are included on both sides of the machine.

McLanahan was the first manufacturer to incorporate a torque limiting coupling in a direct, alignment-free drive, eliminating the need for shear pins and chain drives. Touchscreen controls are also included to enhance and simplify operation. The touchscreen controls and diagnostics are easy to use and give valuable feedback if a fault is encountered. The program also includes an electronic manual with drawings and schematics for easy reference. Maintenance is also simple on Stationary Feeder-Breakers with easy access to replaceable components and shaft assemblies that can be removed in one piece.

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