Drag Feeders

McLanahan Drag Feeders are well suited for surface mining operations that need to move free-flowing minerals such as coal, lignite, trona, salt, petroleum coke, bauxite, copper and gypsum.The sleek, rugged design of the McLanahan Drag Feeder is engineered for many years of dependable operation. Typically tied into the operation of a downstream conveyor, Drag Feeders do not require manned operation, making them a simple part of the material handling process.

Each Drag Feeder is custom engineered so that its frame matches the requirements of the loading method. McLanahan provides an electrical control package that includes state-of-the-art PLCs with fail-safe logic, touch screen technology and fault indication for reliable, safe operation and ease in troubleshooting. An MSHA approved design, each machine is equipped with a start/stop function, as well as a speed control function.

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Features / Benefits


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