Densimetric Tables

Densimetric Tables are designed to separate materials based on material density and are typically used for dry product separation. They have successfully been used to separate a wide array of materials for industries that include various recycling, mining, and food and beverage applications.To make a separation, Densimetric Tables use only air to separate fractions up to 3″ (80mm) that have previously been classified through screen sizing panels. A mixture of material is fed directly onto a perforated inclined tray that operates in a vibrating elliptical motion and is crossed by a current of rising air.

This current of rising air, fluidizes material and separates it according to product densities. Heavy materials move to the bottom of the screen and into contact with the tray, being transported by the vibrating motion along the slope toward the highest outlet. Lighter material is pressurized, fluidized, suspended, and slid to the bottom of the tray aided by the distribution of air flow.

Material sizes will vary based on the material characteristics (density, shape, etc.) of the products being separated. Materials of similar particle size that have different densities and other differentiating factors, such as form, humidity, etc., allow high efficiency separations.

McLanahan’s Densimetric Tables are engineered with a robust design meant for heavy-duty jobs and equipped with a ROSTA spring system that reduces air and energy consumption, as well as maintenance needs. Densimetric Tables are capable of running 24 hours a day. An optional dust protection system can be implemented with a cyclone attachment or bag filter.

Densimetric Tables are designed to control the effects of fluidization and the oscillating motion with precision and stability. The vibrating motion of the tray is elliptical and generated by an eccentric shaft. This movement improves the dispersion of materials in the fluidizing process, increasing the separation efficiency. Control parameters, such as geometry of movement, amplitude, slope of the tray, height of fluidized bed, air distribution, model and fan speed, sealings, etc., have been studied, developed, tested so that our Densimetric Tables are able to meet your separation needs.

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