Bedding Dryer

Used for both sand and manure bedding, McLanahan’s Bedding Dryers greatly improve the quality of your dairy’s bedding. By partnering with long time drying expert Uzelac Industries, McLanahan is bringing years of drying knowledge to the dairy industry.

Drier bedding means that less moisture is being brought into the barns and stalls. This provides less opportunity for bacteria to grow and a healthier environment for cows. It also means less handling and stockpiling of the bedding source since it can and should be used immediately following its discharge from the Bedding Dryer.

High temperatures in the system quickly and efficiently reduce moisture and kill pathogens that lead to poor cow health and low milk quality. The result is cleaner, drier bedding that can be reused almost instantly. In the barns, the free stalls are cleaner and more comfortable, ultimately resulting in healthier cows with higher milk production and lower somatic cell counts. Multiple sizes and many options are available to suit almost any drying need.

McLanahan Bedding Dryer systems are designed for quick, easy installation with minimal costs. Simply mount some ductwork and collectors, hook up electricity, connect the energy source for heat, and you’re ready to make cleaner, dryer bedding.

Operation of the drying system requires minimal operator interaction. Exhaust temperatures are monitored, helping to indicate the dryness of the material. Once a target exit temperature is established and set, the system automatically adjusts to maintain that desired exit temperature, ensuring a consistent final product. To feed the system, a hopper supplies material at a constant rate to the dryer. The system at the exit conveys the finished product to the desired storage location. The finished product will be ready for bedding with no further handling required.

Systems are designed and built for optimal thermal efficiency to keep operational costs as low as possible. Bedding material is retained in the dryer just long enough to remove moisture and achieve maximum pathogen kill before exiting the system.

The drying system is flexible and can operate on Natural Gas, Propane, Diesel, or on Biogas produced from anaerobic digestion.

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