Agricultural Hydrocyclones

Hydrocyclones provide dairy and poultry producers with pre- or post-grit removal for their manure treatment or nutrient separation systems. They can also be used by Sand Separation System customers looking for higher sand recovery.

McLanahan Agricultural Hydrocyclones are based on existing mining-duty technology and were first introduced to the agricultural industry in 2002. Since then, they have typically been installed with a Sand Separation System. McLanahan Hydrocyclone systems have been proven to separate an additional five to 10 percent of sand when added to an existing Sand Separation System and often boost overall sand recovery rates to 90+ percent.

When compared to sand settling lanes, Hydrocylcones require a much smaller footprint and offer lower operating and maintenance costs. One of the benefits of using Hydrocyclones for higher sand recovery is a reduction of wear and tear on downstream processes and systems. When maintenance is needed, replacing rubber-lined parts is simple.

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Case Studies

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