King Manufacturing

In addition to providing custom engineered equipment, McLanahan Corporation is a single source supplier for castings through our foundry. Our complete in-house capabilities provide the expertise and craftsmanship that are acquired through providing continuous service since 1835.

Pattern Shop

The McLanahan pattern shop is staffed by dedicated craftsman with decades of knowledge and experience. Utilizing state-of-the-art machines and superior hand tools, they are able to construct and repair wood or urethane pattern equipment.


McLanahan’s foundry uses a continuous flow molding line that begins with the process of making required cores (a formed body of sand, which creates the interior of a casting). The molding floor uses no-bake sand, green sand, cromite sand, and pep set resin binder technology.

Two 600 KW, 3,000 lb. induction furnaces are capable of producing cast steel, alloyed cast steel, and class 30/40 gray iron. Abrasion-resistant castings are produced in chilled iron or white iron with chrome, nickel and moly additives.

Heat-Treat Capabilities

In-house heat-treat facilities include a 5 million BTU gas fire box furnace that is suitable for annealing, normalizing and tempering any alloy steel made at McLanahan. The furnace is computer-controlled and is maintained and calibrated by trained technicians to ensure all procedures are consistent.

Quality Control

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, McLanahan monitors the entire manufacturing process using a FaroArm inspection system. This ensures that products meet customer required specifications, as well as industry wide standards.