Concrete is a composite material produced by mixing water, aggregate, cement and any other additives needed to achieve the desired physical properties of the finished material. When mixed together, these ingredients form a fluid mass that is easily molded into a shape. Over time, the cement forms a hard matrix that binds the rest of the ingredients together into a durable stone-like material with many uses.

Although there are various methods for mixing concrete, it is almost always transported to job sites using mixer trucks. After concrete is poured from the truck, the chutes of ready mix concrete trucks and hoppers of concrete pump trucks must be washed out to remove the remaining concrete before it hardens. McLanahan equipment helps producers take the slurry from concrete washout and turn it into reusable fines and water.

Additionally, McLanahan produces equipment for concrete recycling, an increasingly common method of disposing of concrete structures. Concrete that is free of debris is collected from demolition sites and put through a crusher, often along with asphalt, bricks and rocks. McLanahan’s concrete recycling equipment includes crushers, feeders, portable units, and more.