About Us

Our Values

McLanahan Corporation believes that its values should guide the actions of its employees. By upholding these core and aspirational values, we are able to give world-class service to both our employees and customers.

When defining the company’s values, McLanahan executives also felt it was important to define why the company exists. This reason for existing, which you’ll see below, is supported by each of McLanahan’s values, whether it be how we ensure the long term success of our employees or if it is how we make decisions that will affect the future of the company.

Why Do We Exist?

McLanahan exists to provide long term careers for employees and opportunities for future generations

Core Values

Safety – Safety is The Promise to your family

Family – Our people make it home for soccer games and dance classes

Integrity – We simply do…what we say

Aspirational Values

The WOWIt’s A Beautiful Thing when our customers are amazed

Continuous Improvement Through Innovation – We’re a clever bunch

Passion – Call it Extreme, but we really, really love what we do